Dr. Lisa Davidson DO
Dr. Lisa Davidson DO

Lisa Davidson, DO has been practicing in Denver since 1997. She completed her residency at the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency at Rose Hospital. Dr. Davidson serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of CO, Denver School of Medicine. She is a huge advocate for the Direct Primary Care movement. After running a traditional practice for eight years, she made the leap to open Insight Primary Care, a DPC in Denver, Colorado in 2012. She speaks nationally on direct care and enjoys mentoring other doctors who are interested in converting to the DPC model. In her spare time, Dr. Davidson enjoys travel and is always seeking adventure with her husband and two children.

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What was it that led you to DPC?

After 8 years of running my own traditional insurance-based practice with no office manager, I was completely burned out.  I was overworked and underpaid and charted until 10 o’clock at night on my couch. My kids were little and I didn’t want to miss the chance to enjoy them growing up.  I discovered DPC in 2011 and spoke to almost all of the docs that were doing it at the time (and mind you, there were very few!).

What changes have you seen since making the switch to DPC?

Oh my goodness…the changes. I now work 24 patient hours per week. I pick up my kids every day from school. I go to their track meets and plays and programs at school. I volunteer, exercise, sleep, and have date night with my husband.  I’m living a NORMAL life and taking amazingly good care of my patients.  Imagine that?

What was the hardest part about the switch to DPC?

Hardest part about the switch was saying goodbye to some of my former patients that didn’t/couldn’t come with us.  I also was a bit lonely at first with such a small staff but I got over that. Thanks to the DPC conferences and DPC Facebook pages I now have a camaraderie that I never had before with fellow primary care docs. (We were all too busy before).

“I’m living a NORMAL life and taking amazingly good care of my patients.  Imagine that?”

Give us your quick elevator pitch–What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC sidesteps insurance companies and puts the power of primary care back in the hands of the doctor and patient.  The doctor is employed by the patient via a low monthly membership fee.  With that fee, the patient and doctor become a team. They can communicate freely by email, text, phone and 30-60 minute visits. Pricing for labs, procedures, radiology and medications is completely transparent and discounted greatly. 

Dr. Davidson’s top DPC resources:

The Official Guide to Starting Your Own Direct Primary Care Practice by Douglas Farrago
-Hint Health Community Forum (http://community.hint.com/)

-Authentic Medicine blog by Dr. Doug Farrago (hilarious!)

“DON’T BE AFRAID. Just do it. Jump in!…You’ve got this!”

As medical students and residents, what should we be doing now to prepare for a career in Direct Primary Care?

You will learn little-to-nothing about the business of medicine during med school and residency. Try to do at least a month rotation with a DPC Doc and/or even a practice manager in a traditional practice to learn how to run a practice.  Seek out mentors not only for medical training but for business training as well.  Try to do residency where you think you want to practice long term, if possible.  I trained here in Denver so I knew all my specialists for years prior to doing DPC.  This allows me to call them and ask questions/get free specialist advice without having to refer patients all the time.

What parting advice/wisdom would you like to share with our followers?

DON’T BE AFRAID. Just do it. Jump in!  There is NO reason to work in the traditional insurance world unless you want to work for a federally-funded clinic and help low income patients. You’ve got this!