Much has been said recently regarding medical student and physician burnout, a real phenomenon felt by all within medicine. The debate rages on many fronts as to the solution to this ever increasing problem. Proposed solutions come, primarily, from two different camps of thought. The first looks at the personal well-being of the physician by incorporating yoga, mindfullness, and other stress management techniques that target physician wellness. Others propose changes to the administrative burden placed on physicians by decreasing work hours, streamlining cumbersome EMRs, and incorporating further support staff (ie scribes).

While both camps propose welcome changes, many of which are worthwhile, we believe that the root of the problem is being ignored. Both solutions are solely “symptomatic” treatments, without ever addressing the true cause. Check out the recent KevinMD article written by Direct Care West’s Trevin Cardon about how we can stop skirting around the issue and really address the root of the burnout epidemic. Hint: it involves taking back control of the business of medicine.

KevinMD– Physicians: Want to overcome burnout? Start studying business.